Welcome message from DAV’s President



Welcome to the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Having undergone 60 years of formation and development and by making unceasing endeavours, the former University of Foreign Affairs and currently the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam has recorded proud achievements.


In the field of training, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam offers numerous programs of international relations at undergraduate (formal, high-quality, joint training programs) and graduate levels, adopting the multi-disciplinary approach. Graduates from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam are praised for their strong command of foreign languages, expertise and specialization as well as ability to quickly adapt to a wide array of diverse working environments and the context of globalization.

Annually, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnamorganizes hundreds of refreshment and training courses that aim to equip the knowledge of foreign policy and international relations to public servants from various ministries, agencies and localities, enhancing and improving skills and capacity of the employees working in diplomatic service, especially in the context that Vietnam is proactively executing the strategy of profound and extensive international integration.

Endowed with rich experience in conducting research and effective international cooperation with over 80 institutes and universities both at home and abroad, the Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies and the Institute of the East Sea Studies are the two leading think tanks on foreign policies and have helped build the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam into one of the most prestigious policy advisory entity in Vietnam and the region.

Preparing for the 60th founding anniversary (1959-2019), staff, lecturers, researchers and students/learners are constantly striving to build the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam into one of the leading institutions that provide world-class training, research and international cooperation in international relations and diplomacy of Vietnam as well as the entire region.

Respectfully yours,

Associate Prof., Dr. Nguyen Vu Tung,

President, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

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