EU Ambassador, Belgian Ambassador’s talk with Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam’s students

In the morning of 30th September 2010, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam organized a seminar titled: "ASEM: Asia - Europe Conference to address global challenges." PhD. Ngo Duy Ngo, Deputy Director of the Academy chaired the seminar. Attending the seminar were Mr. Sean Doyle, Ambassador of the EU delegation, Mr. Hubert Cooreman, the Belgian Ambassador and faculty members as well as students from Faculty of International Politics and Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

At the beginning of the talks, EU Ambassador Sean Doyle presented an overview of ASEM. This is a forum for cooperation among regional countries in Asia - Europe being established in 1996. Members of ASEM currently include the European Commission, 27 members of the European Union (EU) and 14 members of ASEAN 3. The Ambassador emphasized the ASEM represents a strong link between countries and the blocs in two continents Asia - Europe, creating new incentives to promote trade and investment, playing a role as the foundation for the exchange and cooperation in various fields between the two sides, creating a new strength and stature to countries and concerned organizations to further promote their roles in building peace and stability to the region and the world.

The focused content of the seminar to discuss the 8th ASEM forum will be held on 4-5th October in Brussels, Belgium, emphasized to discuss three main issues: reform of the international financial system; global and regional hotspots and approaches to solving these challenges to achieve sustainable development. The ambassador highlighted the objectives of the conference as well as key topics in the agenda, under which ASEM 8 will focus on eight important areas: 1 - Handling the economy and national political stability; 2 - Managing global economy, especially restructuring international finance; 3 - An imbalance in global trade and income as well as unequal development among countries; 4 - The Asia – Europe cooperation on energy security, food, social development and environmental protection; 5 - Development in addition to coping with global climate change; 6 - Response to threats to human security; 7 - The global issues such as terrorism, maritime security and organized crime; 8 - Commitments against trade protectionism.

Besides discussing the main content and carrying-out procedure of ASEM 8, the Ambassador also pointed out why ASEM has such a significant role in relations Asia - Europe as well as the relationship between EU and Vietnam, especially in 2010 when Vietnam serves as the Chairman of ASEAN.

After the presentation of the two Ambassadors, the students of DAV have raised questions concerning this topic. The topics that students are interested in are the issues related to the basic content of ASEM as well as the relationship between EU and Vietnam in all fields. Some students also offered straightforward view about the relationship between EU and Vietnam which does not match with the current potentials of both sides and wanted the two sides to cooperate more actively and comprehensively. The ambassador replied openly and frankly to the students of DAV and expressed willingness to strengthen relationship as well as to invest in education in Vietnam. The exciting talk helped students understandbetter the issues related to the upcoming ASEM as well as the Asia-Europe relations in the challenging international environment nowadays.

At the end of his talk with faculty members, students of DAV, the Ambassador expressed his confidence in relations between Asia and Europe as well as the joy of being exposed and giving speech a DAV.

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Ngo Duy Ngo, Deputy Director of DAV expressed his honor and thank to the Ambassador of the EU delegation and the Ambassador of Belgium for the meeting and a meaningful talk with DAV’s students. This is an opportunity for the students of International Politics and Foreign Affairs of Vietnam Faculty to expose and have direct dialogues with EU diplomats in order to enhance understanding and expand their knowledge. The seminar ended with a good impression for all people involved. We hope that the Asia – Europe relation in general and that of Vietnam - EU in particular will increasingly comprehensively develop.

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