A moment of sharing, a sense of nostalgia - Fifth-year anniversary graduation interview with DAV Alumni of Batch 42

15:00 02/02/2024

In the interview commemorating the 5th anniversary of graduation, Tran Hai - a former student of International Economics, and Ly Thi Hai Yen - a former student of English Language, both from Batch 42, shared their profound connections with the Academy and beautiful memories of student life. Hai and Yen also emphasized the importance of relationships and knowledge gained from the DAV for their current career development. Finally, both expressed their best wishes to the Academy and Class 2019 alumni on the occasion of the upcoming 65th anniversary of the Academy and the 5th anniversary of DAV Batch 42's graduation.

During their time as DAV students, the emotional attachment to the Academy gently formed, making the Academy an inseparable part of the hearts of the "distant children." This sentiment is undoubtedly shared by former students like Hai and Yen. Through their reflections on student life and current experiences, each frame of memory once again reveals the mixed emotions of the two alumni who graduated nearly 5 years ago.

Images of Hai and Yen, DAV alumni of class 2019

Responding to the memorable experiences during their time at the Academy, Tran Hai highlighted his involvement in the DAV Football Club (DFC). He emphasized the importance of learning from fellow club members and club activities: "During my three years dedicated to the club, I learned a lot of useful knowledge, from football skills, organizing tournaments to learning how to maintain and operate a student club. The companionship during that time helped me realize the value of our sense of connections with others."

Tran Van Hai during his student days (white shirt in the middle) at DAV Club Fair 2018

Yen also shared her most memorable experience, a trip to Ninh Binh with classmates: "The DAV gave me numerous different experiences, but if I were to recall the most memorable experience of student life, it would be the trip to Ninh Binh with my classmates. Although I was sick for a few days and had to study for exams of English for Special Purposes when I returned home, I was still very impressed since I had the opportunity to go through the beautiful youth journey with friends!"

Ly Thi Hai Yen (red shirt) during the trip to Ninh Binh with class TA42A in 2016

The two alumni also made comparisons between their current working environment and that of the DAV. Tran Hai emphasized the similarity in maintaining values in corporate culture, such as "Dynamic - Aspiration - Vision" and "Quality - Comprehension - Integration." He noted that the knowledge and skills acquired from the Academy provided a strong foundation, enabling him to develop and adapt effectively to the current working environment: "Thanks to that, I had an environment to learn, develop, and improve myself, giving me a solid foundation to branch out in various areas and efficiently serve my work."

Hai Yen, now a lecturer at the DAV English Faculty, has undergone many work places after her graduation. She recognizes that the knowledge and skills gained from the Academy help one become familiar with and adapt to various environments: "As a student, every passing year made me think about what I had learned. But the more I learned, the more I felt small and had to try even harder." She views the Academy as her second home, a place that not only develops language skills but also builds a cultural demeanor.

During the interview, both alumni also expressed their views on the similarities and differences between academic and working life. Hai Yen believes that both students and working individuals must face their own pressures and experiences, emphasizing the necessary awareness of preparing knowledge and perseverance to confront challenges in today's technological age.

Hai pointed out the most obvious similarity between students and working individuals - pressure: "Each stage, each age has its own types of pressure, but because of that, both students and working individuals must always continue learning, enriching knowledge, and improving themselves, all to serve their own lives better." However, Hai also noted a significant difference between these two stages - when maturing and working, one must adapt quickly and have a deeper understanding of society, whereas the student stage is a preparation to confidently step into society.

The two former students extended their wishes to the Academy and Class 2019 alumni on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the DAV establishment. These are beautiful and meaningful wishes, reflecting deep gratitude to the Academy and all alumni. Hai shared his high hope that the Academy would continue to have successful development, and students would always maintain their passion to preserve the "diplomatic essence" of the Academy. Ly Thi Hai Yen hoped that the Academy would continue to thrive, becoming a leading institution in training high-quality human resources. She also sent the best wishes to the students, hoping that they would stand firm on the career path and not forget their beloved DAV.

Hue Minh - Translator: Nhat Truong

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