Seminar on Legal Procedures and Export Documentation: The Case of Green-skinned Pomelo entering US market

11:33 10/05/2024

The seminar "Legal Procedures and Export Documentation: The Case of Green-skinned Pomelo entering US market” was successfully hosted by the Faculty of International Economics and the Committee Organization of Economist Up Competition 2024. This is the sixth seminar in a series of training sessions in the Economist Up Competition 2024 - Integration Journey.

The seminar featured with the presence of guest speaker Mr. An The Dung - Former Director General, Chief Executive Officer of the National Committee for International Economic Cooperation, Former Trade Counselor in the UK and the US, Dr. Nguyen Vinh Thanh, lecturer at the Faculty of International Economics and member of Advisory Board all top 8 participating teams of the Economist Up Competition 2024, and students of the Academy. 

Speaker An The Dung at the seminar

During the seminar, speaker An The Dung provided an overview of export documentation and legal procedures for businesses. To succeed in international markets, businesses need not only quality products but also must comply with legal regulations and export procedures. He discussed issues related to agricultural exports, potential, and challenges faced by businesses when exporting agricultural products. He specifically introduced the standards that must be met when exporting products to international markets.

Mr. An The Dung shared the story of exporting green-skinned pomelos, an agricultural product that attracts lots of attention from the American market. He detailed the market context in the United States when Vietnam decided to introduce green-skinned pomelos to the Americas. Through this, he highlighted the potential and opportunities for similar agricultural products as well as the challenges businesses may face in preparing export documentation. He also proposed effective solutions to address these challenges, helping businesses make the most of international market opportunities.

Speaker An The Dung presenting the case of the green-skinned pomelo  

During Q&A session, Mr. An The Dung discussed his real-world experiences and provided comprehensive answers to the participating teams’ queries. Through stories of success and failure, participants were able to draw valuable lessons on managing export documentation and addressing legal challenges.

Students raising questions for the speaker

The seminar took place in a lively atmosphere, providing valuable knowledge and experiences for all attending students, helping them to expand their understanding and build a solid foundation for success on their journey towards becoming champions.

Speaker An The Dung with lecturers and students at seminar

Le Tung Duong - Economist Up 2024 Organizing Committee

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