Seminar on “NFT - Applied Technology or Investment Product”

23:00 28/04/2022

On the morning of April 28th, DAV’s Faculty of International Economics held a seminar on “NFT - Applied Technology or Investment Product”. Present at the event were two speakers, Mr. Ho Son - Development Director of Moon Knight Lab, and Ms. Dinh Thi Thao Trang - Marketing Director of SEED project, former PR Director for Southeast Asia of Binance, and Head of PR Department of the Binance Charity Foundation. The seminar also welcomed Mr. Nguyen Van Lich - Former Dean of the Faculty of International Economics, Ms. Lam Thanh Ha - Vice Dean of the Faculty of International Economics, and students of Intake 48th majoring in the International Economics and International Business.

Mr. Nguyen Van Lich and Ms. Lam Thanh Ha presented flowers to the two speakers

At first, the speakers talked about important knowledge about Non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the world economy in general and in Vietnamese economy in particular. They all shared the same view that the impact of the NFT is affecting many areas of life. However, in Vietnam, this is a new field, and thus there are many opportunities for exploration and development. Sharing their views on the seminar topic, the presenters affirmed that NFT plays different roles in different economic perspectives. Thereby, economists can flexibly and effectively apply the NFT in many fields. The speakers also talked about some issues about the relationship of the NFT with politics and economic linkages among countries.

The talk ended with interesting and practical questions from the students. Many questions are related to the future growth and career opportunities of the NFT. In response, the speakers gave opinions and real stories based on personal working experience and valuable advice for students who wish to work in the NFT, thereby providing them with more understanding and preparation for their future plans.

Finally, the Faculty of International Economics would like to send big thanks to the two speakers for spending their valuable time with students of the DAV’s Faculty of International Economics.

By Communication Department of the International Economics Faculty

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