Academic exchange with American professor Sam Potolicchio

10:00 24/01/2019

On the morning of January 24th 2019, Professor Sam Potolicchio, Global Education Manager of Georgetown University - United States, had an academic exchange with research staffs, lecturers and students of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. The topic of the exchange was: “Changes of political attitudes: Towards 2020” with the content surrounding the U.S current domestic political situation, especially the reasons for Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton. According to the analysis of Professor Sam Potolicchio, within the reasons for D.Trump’s win, there was the changing role of U.S political parties, the growing influence of mass media, especially social media and the changing American value. Professor Sam Potolicchio provided many interesting interpretations on the current U.S political system. The exchange was led by Doctor Tran Viet Thai, Deputy Director of the Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. This was an activity organized by the U.S Embassy in collaboration with the sponsor of the Amway Group.

Overview of the exchange
Prof. Sam Potolicchio taking commemorative picture with Doctor Tran Viet Thai and the delegates

Translator: Lê Hương Giang

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