Ambassador Seminar - "Diplomacy: Mission and Commitment"

15:00 05/09/2021

On the morning of May 24th, within the framework of the Pre-civil Service Training Program in 2021, the Foreign Service Training Center (FOSET) under the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam held an online seminar on "Diplomacy: Ambassador’s Mission and Commitment”. Dr. Pham Lan Dung, DAV Acting President and Director of FOSET chaired the seminar with the participation of speakers from Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam-Nadav Eshcar; Spanish Ambassador to Vietnam-Pilar Mendez Jimenez; New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam-Tredene Dobson and young staff from the Pre-civil Service Training clas

Dr. Dung, on behalf of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, expressed her pleasure and honor to welcome the Ambassadors' participation. She believed this was a useful opportunity for young Vietnamese diplomats to learn from foreign diplomatic representatives. The presence of Ambassadors was such a great honor for the DAV and for the 2021 Pre-civil Service staff. 

According to Ambassador Nadav Eshcar, he has worked in Vietnam for three and a half years with the mission to promote the warmth and dynamism in the relations between the two countries. He considered the world to be a small village where the responsibilities of diplomats are to enhance peace and friendship for the benefits of all countries in the world. Diplomacy is such an interesting profession, which requires the diplomats to travel to various places, meet different people, and interact with a wide range of  cultures. In addition, there are plentiful difficulties such as changing living environments, moving family, and staying far from their country without relatives or friends. The Ambassador shared numerous diplomatic issues, especially the interests of the parties in win-win negotiation

As for Ambassador Pilar Mendez Jimenez, she excitedly shared her work experience and the reasons for her choosing diplomacy. She loves international law and learning foreign languages. Moreover, she is fluent in English, German, French, and she has been learning Vietnamese even she has only worked in Vietnam for a short time. As for diplomatic relations, she assumed that no nation is considered to be a small country because they have votes in the United Nations, and simultaneously it is possible to rotate the president of a regional organization. For example, when she was Chargé d'affaires of the Spanish Embassy in Haiti during the civil war, she had to chair a meeting with the Ambassadors of the European Union countries because Spain was the rotating chair of the Council at that time. The Ambassador also shared practical lessons as a diplomat who should know different knowledge and skills apart from their expertise. The Ambassador gave advice to young diplomats in difficult times like movement and pandemic, family always plays an important role as a solid foundation to balance your life.

Followed by, Ambassador Tredene Dobson shared her background, the process of studying and taking the entrance exam to the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the training approaches to New Zealand's young diplomats (mainly based on the job training). The country of New Zealand gave her a clear mission which means diplomacy is to serve the interests of the country and continuously build a safer, more prosperous and stable world. The important point for diplomats is to practice thinking, analytical and decision-making abilities. Diplomacy for Ambassador Dobson is not an easy job, but on the other hand it always gives her an opportunity to explore the world. The Ambassador also raised problems with the current social network which she supposed to be an effective tool, and they should be promoted in the implementation of foreign affairs, but young cadres need to be very careful in their statements on social networks. She advises diplomats to develop themselves through lifelong learning by acquiring new knowledge and skills, learning from their leaders, and staying open to new opportunities.

The three speakers all shared the view that it is difficult and competitive to pass the diplomat exam, which proves the great qualifications, capacity, enthusiasm and ambition of young diplomats. Besides, diplomacy not only faces difficulties such as pandemics, conflicts, and wars, but also offers countless opportunities to learn, contemplate and explore the world. Most notably, diplomats are those who contribute to peace and friendship among countries in the world, which is valued profession in society.

Despite being not able to encounter and exchange face-to-face with the Ambassadors due to the pandemic situation, the young diplomats of the 2021 Pre-civil Service class has absorbed valuable information, experience, and lessons as well as practical values, which can create a strong foundation for the development of a diplomatic career in the future. At the end, Dr. Dung on behalf of the DAV and the students thanked the Ambassadors for their time and enthusiasm in sharing invaluable experiences and lessons with young Vietnamese diplomats.

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