09:00 18/07/2020

     This report provides an independent evaluation of the progress made towards ASEAN Vision 2025 by the ASEAN-ISIS Network of regional think tanks. It is written in conjunction with the ASEAN Secretariat’s Mid-Term Review of the ASEAN Community Blueprints launched in 2015. The report identifies cross-cutting issues that ASEAN will face in the next five years. These are: (1) developing resilience in preparation for crises and climate change; (2) the disintegration of the Rules-Based International Order amid great power rivalry and; (3) rising protectionism and populism. This report also provides a broad assessment of the achievements, challenges and priorities across the ASEAN Political-Security, Economic, and Socio-Cultural community pillars.
     In writing this report, we note that 2020 marks the year of the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to hurt lives and livelihoods. The “new normal” emerging from the pandemic needs to be considered as ASEAN reviews its goals. This factor also plays a part in identifying priority issues for ASEAN in the next five years to realise its 2025 Vision and in moving towards collective leadership and a global voice.

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