Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) Receives Accreditation Certificates for 5 Training Programs

15:00 09/09/2021

On June 8th, 2021 in Hanoi, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) received accreditation certificates for 5 training programs issued by the Centre for Education Accreditation - Association of Viet Nam Universities and Colleges (CEA-AVU & C). The standards are specified in Circular 04/2016/TT-BGDĐT, dated on March 14, 2016 of the Ministry of Education and Training, for 5 training programs which include International Relations; International law; International Communication; International Economics and English Language.

Upon the completion of the accreditation process and receipt of the Certificates on April 22nd, 2020 issued by the Centre for Education Accreditation - Association, Vietnam National University, Hanoi in accordance with the standards specified in Circular 12/2017 TT-BGDĐT, the DAV was determined to continue promoting accreditation for its five training programs, which would be an important condition to improve the quality of education and to carry out the DAV’s autonomy policy.

With the close attention and direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Training, the determination and outstanding efforts of the DAV's Board of Directors along with all DAV staff and lecturers, the accreditation process for the 5 training programs was immediately implemented and a self-assessment report was also completed after nearly a year.

From January 18th, 2021 to January 29th, 2021, the Evaluation Delegation from the CEA-AVU&C came and worked at the Academy in order to conduct an official survey. In April 2021, the Evaluation Report on the five training programs was approved by the Education Accreditation Council.

That a prestigious Vietnamese accrediting organization recognized DAV’s 5 training programs which meet the quality standards of the Ministry of Education and Training is a recognition of the quality of training activities, scientific research and community service of the five training programs at the DAV. This is also a foundation for the DAV to orient itself, to continue improving the quality of training programs to achieve objectives established in the DAV's development strategy, as well as moving towards the accreditation within the standards of the Asian University Network (AUN) and other international standards. This good news is a timely encouragement for the DAV's recruitment this year.

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