Signing Ceremony for Cooperation and Exchange Agreement between DAV and Vietnam Airlines

21:00 16/04/2022

On April 15th 2022, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) collaborated with Vietnam Airlines to organize a "Signing Ceremony for Cooperation and Exchange Agreement between the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and Vietnam Airlines". The ceremony aims to promote and streamline training with recruitment, offering various opportunities for the DAV students to intern and experience a real working environment.

The ceremony welcomed Dr. Nguyen Hung Son - DAV Vice President; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thin - Head of  the DAV Board of Academic Affairs; Assoc. Dang Hoang Linh - Deputy Head of the Board of Academic Affairs, Dean of the Faculty of International Economics; Dr. Vu Tuan Anh - Dean of the Faculty of International Communication and External Foreign Affairs; Ms. Hoang Mai Huong - Standing Head of Department of Academic Affairs; Mr. Nguyen Dong Anh - Vice Dean of the Faculty of International Communication and External Foreign Affairs, Secretary of the DAV Youth Union; and 25 excellent students from the Academy. Also present at the ceremony were  Mr. Nguyen Sy Thanh - Director of the Golden Lotus Center; Mr. Trinh Hong Quang-Deputy General Director of Vietnam Airlines (VNA); Mr. Vu Nguyen Khoi - Head of Digital Marketing Department; Mr. Tran Chi Dung - Deputy Head of Quality Management Department; Ms. Nguyen Hong Nga - Head of Technical and Sales Support Department and other leaders from Vietnam Airlines.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Airlines Trinh Hong Quang expressed his honor to welcome the DAV delegates and students to visit Vietnam Airline’s headquarters to learn about the structure, system, ecology as well as internship opportunities at Vietnam Airlines. Simultaneously, he hoped that the DAV would always accompany Vietnam Airlines in the process of realizing its ambition to become an internationally-recognized airline.

Afterwards, Dr. Nguyen Hung Son - DAV Vice President expressed his honor to receive the opportunities to cooperate with Vietnam Airlines. Mr. Son affirmed that the DAV is a qualified educational institution with long-lasting years of building and development. Thus, the DAV's Board of managers clearly expressed its desire to cooperate with VNA in the long term, and the agreement would enhance the position and capacity of both sides. “There is no agency more loyal to Vietnam Airlines than us diplomats. Every time we see the logo and the aircrafts of Vietnam Airlines, we feel like coming home.” Dr. Son added.

Mr. Tran Chi Dung - Deputy Head of Quality Management Department of Vietnam Airlines highly appreciated the learning environment of the DAV which provided students with a good command of foreign language skills. For him, this is an advantage for the DAV students in working as well as expanding short and long-term cooperation with Vietnam Airlines in the future. Besides, he also introduced the related ministries, departments, sectors and stakeholders, along with a dynamic and creative working environment of Vietnam Airlines, as well as the information on recruitment mechanisms in the coming time.

Ms. Nguyen Hong Nga talked about Vietnam Airline’s digital transformation development roadmap. The DAV Board of managers, lecturers and students had an opportunity to learn about Vietnam Airlines via e-commerce platforms, online ticket systems, automatic marketing activities, as well as personalized customer's experience and typical products to increase the service experience.

On behalf of Viet Future's representative, Mr. Nguyen Cong Binh emphasized the goal of this exchange was to provide career guidance to the DAV students. In terms of choosing the right career, Mr. Binh suggested that students should pay attention to four criteria including:  income, environment, passion and pride. With regards to his sincere sharing and interesting personal experiences when working with the VNA, Mr. Binh hoped the DAV students would become the future candidates applying to the VNA if possible. 

To conclude the ceremony, the VNA Deputy General Director Trinh Hong Quang encouraged students to contribute ideas for the development of Vietnam Airlines Corporation. He also expressed his wish that the VNA would always be among the first choices for the DAV students in terms of working environment and service experience.

The program successfully took place in a friendly and open atmosphere. On behalf of the DAV, Dr. Nguyen Hung Son thanked the VNA for inviting the DAV students to visit the headquarters, emphasizing that this was the first step for the cooperative  relationship between the DAV and the VNA, opening doors for new opportunities in this important partnership. Through the ceremony, the cooperation agreement between the DAV and the VNA will be the foundation for future career guidance and recruitment activities which offer more career opportunities for students.

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