The United Nations University for Peace (UPEACE) and Principles for Peace (P4P) visited and talked with students of the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam (DAV) about the principles of international peace and security

16:25 10/04/2024

On the afternoon of April 8th 2024, the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam was honored to welcome Ambassador, Dr. David Fernández Puyana of the United Nations University of Peace and Ms. Hiba Qasas – Founding Executive Director of the Principles for Peace visited the Academy and talked to students.

On the side of the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam, Dr. Nguyen Thi Thin – Vice President of the Academy welcomed the delegation and chaired the discussion beween UPEACE, P4P and officials, lecturers and students of DAV. Also attending were representatives of the Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, the Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy, the Faculty of International Law and students of the Academy.

Overview of the Discussion between the UPEACE, P4P and the DAV 
(photo: Phuong Nhi)
Ambassador David Fernández Puyana and Ms. Hiba Qasas express joyfulness when visiting the DAV (photo: Phuong Nhi)

At the Discussion, Ambassador David Fernández Puyana and Ms. Hiba Qasas promoted the role of principles for peace in the context of complicated international situations and conflicts occurring in some hot spots around the world. In that context, countries need to join hands in keeping peace and a common principle to resolve conflicts by peaceful means.

Academy students actively participated and discussed enthusiastically, asking many questions to the speakers around topics of international peace and security. At the same time, Ambassador David Fernández Puyana and Ms. Hiba Qasas also discussed with Academy officials and lecturers about activities commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Agreement on ending the war and restoring peace in Viet Nam.

Dr. Tran Chi Trung - Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies talking to the Delegation (photo: Phuong Nhi)
Students of the DAV exchanging views with the Delegation (photo: Phuong Nhi)
(photo: Phuong Nhi)
(photo: Phuong Nhi)
(photo: Phuong Nhi)
(photo: Phuong Nhi)

At the end of the Discussion, Dr. Nguyen Thi Thin - Vice President of the Diplomatic Academy thanked Ambassador David Fernández Puyana and Ms. Hiba Qasas for visiting and talking to the Academy's students about topics of mutual interest. Hopefully the Discussion will be an useful source of information for officials, lecturers and students of the Academy. Also, it is an opportunity to organize more seminars on topics related to security and peace in the world.

On behalf of the delegation, Ambassador David Fernández Puyana sincerely thanked the leaders, lecturers, and students of the Diplomatic Academy for their warm welcome and lively discussions on topics of mutual interest. The Ambassador highly appreciated this event as an important part of the cooperation framework between UPEACE, P4P and DAV and hoped there would be many useful exchange activities for students in the future.

The University for Peace (UPEACE) was established as a Treaty Organization with its own Charter in an International Agreement adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations through its Resolution 35/55 of 5 December 1980. This unique history of UPEACE makes it the only University in the world created through a UN General Assembly Resolution with the specific mandate of “engaging in teaching, research, post-graduate training and dissemination of knowledge fundamental to the full development of the human person and societies through the interdisciplinary study of all matters relating to peace.” As a result, it possesses a unique global legal authorization to grant Master’s and Doctoral degrees as conferred upon it by the resolution that created it as well as by the International Agreement for the Establishment of UPEACE and the accompanying Charter annexed to Resolution 35/55.

The Principles for Peace (P4P) was established in 2023 with a mission to transform the commitment to peace globally, using the Principles for Peace as a framework to drive change in policies, practices and financing to achieve more effective and lasting peace. P4P operates as a non-governmental organization, promoting broad, multi-stakeholder participation and connecting actors at different levels of engagement who share a common approach, founded on the Principles for Peace. P4P's global network spans the fields of diplomacy, politics, security and development.

The Academy plans in the coming days to sign MoU with UPEACE and P4P in the fields of research and training on international security, peace, and mediation. That meet the needs of the Academy in expanding cooperation and improvement the quality of training and fostering foreign affairs officials; Improve knowledge of staff and students about international issues; Contribute to supplementing and strengthening the track II cooperation network, contributing more comprehensively to improving the Academy's professional work./.

Ambassador David Fernández Puyana from UPEACE and Ms. Hiba Qasas – Founding Executive Director of the P4P taking picture with officials, lecturers, students of the DAV (photo: Phuong Nhi)

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