Career Orientation Workshop on "DAV Students and Future Doors"

17:00 11/03/2022

On March 10th 2022, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) held a career orientation workshop on “DAV Students and Future Doors” in order to help DAV students to have more useful information and employment opportunities in the future.

Present at the workshop were Dr. Pham Lan Dung, DAV Acting Director; Mr. Nguyen Viet Anh, Deputy Director of Organization and Personnel Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Hong-Sun, Vice President of KORCHAM, Korean Business Association to Vietnam; Mr. Tran Manh Hung, Managing Partner and Director of BMVN International Law Firm (in alliance with Baker & McKenzie International); Mr. Nguyen Duc Quynh, Deputy General Director of Phu Long JSC cum Director of the Hospitality Division under SOVICO group; Ms. Hoang Thu Huyen, Communications officer, UNESCO in Vietnam, an alumna of Intake 36; Ms. Tran Khanh Vy, MC of Road to Olympia, an alumna of Intake 43.

Addressing the opening, Dr. Pham Lan Dung, DAV Acting Director, expressed her thanks to the speakers who are all important figures in their professions and have hectic schedules for making the time to meet DAV students. This shows a great connection between the DAV and employers, opening up numerous promises of cooperation, thus creating more future employment opportunities for DAV students. She also took great pride in DAV alumni, many of whom have achieved outstanding success, holding senior positions in Party and State agencies as well as being prominent in various different areas of the economic, political, and social life of the country.

Regarding Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nguyen Viet Anh, Deputy Director of the Organization and Personnel Department, gave useful information about the recruitment exams of the Ministry. As a leading officer in the HR management agency of the Ministry, he emphasized the need to recruit talented people and the policy to encourage young people to take the exam to work for the Ministry. He also made recommendations on a variety of job positions in external agencies of the Party and Government, ministries, branches, and localities that might suit DAV students.

On the NGOs’ side, Ms. Hoang Thu Huyen, Communications officer, UNESCO in Vietnam shared a lot of practical information about the organization system, employment opportunities, recruitment process, and requirements for candidates. Ms. Huyen encouraged students to actively find part-time jobs right from the first academic year because the practical experiences gained are of great value for students to find their strengths, passions, and suitable jobs. She also clarified some misunderstandings about this job so that the students could get a better understanding and be more excited about the interesting experiences in a multicultural, fair, and civilized environment, as in NGOs.

Concerning Korean businesses, Mr. Hong-Sun, Vice President of KORCHAM, highly appreciated the cordial relationship between the two countries. He presented numbers indicating abundant employment opportunities and affirmed that Korean enterprises were always ready to create favorable conditions for Vietnamese students, especially DAV students. Besides, he highly valued the foreign languages competence ​​​​of DAV students, proposing that they master a few foreign languages. Furthermore, he underscored the necessity of cultural, political, and legal knowledge in integration and participation in the international market, the aspects that are particularly focused on in DAV’s curriculum. At the end of his speech, he advised young people to express their gratitude by being willing to support and help others, which would create a diverse network and be ultimately good for their future job.

Mr. Tran Manh Hung, a general counsel cum director of a law firm in partnership with Baker & McKenzie, an internationally well-known law firm, assessed that the current state of the domestic and international market offers a wide range of opportunities, but is equally challenging for law students. However, he highly appreciated the soft skills and self-study ability of DAV students and affirmed that the ability to connect and self-study are what makes DAV's brand, helping to open up new opportunities for DAV students’ future.

Speaking about employment opportunities in the business sector, especially in the tourism and service industries, Mr. Nguyen Duc Quynh, Deputy General Director of Phu Long JSC gave prominence to the understanding of culture, history, receptionist as well as foreign language competence, which are the strengths of DAV students, when working in the tourism industry. In particular, he also accentuated the opportunities for international law students in the context that Vietnam has accomplished a lot of international tourism cooperation agreements and businesses need knowledgeable employees to work in the legal departments; he added that Marketing Communications and International Business are also promising majors. Mr. Quynh also promised to be willing to sign a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the DAV in human resource training to satisfy practical demands of the country’s economic development and integration and create favorable conditions for DAV students to get work placement and apply for jobs in SOVICO corporations.

A special guest attending the seminar is Ms. Tran Khanh Vy, a media personality popular among the young. MC of Road to Olympia expressed her respect for the opportunities offered by the DAV, affirming that the DAV is an ideal institution, providing plentiful potential opportunities for students. Khanh Vy shared the methods to ensure work balance, encouraging young people to actively participate in clubs and curricular activities to discover themselves, expand helpful networks and employment opportunities in the future. She also offered useful tips for interview success in agencies and programs in domestic media.

Followed by, the students had opportunities to directly discuss with the speakers in a progressive and actively learning spirit. Via real stories, the speakers helped the students at the seminar have a broader view of future career orientations and opportunities. The sensible and reasonable advice of the former generations are precious gifts that contribute to encouraging confidence and right thinking in young students and help them realize the importance of studying and skills training to create real internal strength, form a professional demeanor, be passionate about the jobs and be ready for opportunities. 

Concluding the seminar, Dr. Pham Lan Dung expressed her belief in the potential of DAV students and underlined that the DAV would continue to organize practical and useful programs with a view to seeking employment opportunities for DAV students.

Career orientation workshop on "DAV Students and Future Doors" successfully took place in an intimate and exciting atmosphere. Through the workshop, the students acquired new and detailed information about employment opportunities, knowledge and requirements of skills that ĐAV students need to hone to meet the needs of work in practice.

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