Report on French Language Program at the Diplomatic Academy broadcasting on TV5MONDE

16:30 15/04/2024

The report produced by TV5MONDE (one of the world's three largest global television networks along with CNN and MTV), covered the French Language Program at the Diplomatic Academy, as part of their series "Destination Francophonie," dedicated to two destinations: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It was broadcast on April 12 and 26 at 9:25 PM (Hanoi time), introducing the French-speaking community in Vietnam.

The two episodes of this documentary series were also streamed on TV5MONDE's online platform and the Destination Francophonie website.

Recently, a TV5MONDE reporter team visited the Diplomatic Academy to film a segment about the French language program as part of their assignment for the "Destination Francophonie" series, introducing the French-speaking community in Vietnam.

The TV5MONDE reporter conducted a report at the Diplomatic Academy.

Established in 1984, TV5MONDE is a comprehensive satellite television channel broadcasting 24/7 in French across all five continents, offering viewers a diverse range of subtitled programs. TV5MONDE is one of the three largest global television networks worldwide alongside CNN and MTV, and is a member of the European Broadcasting Union.

The TV5MONDE report was filmed at several locations: the Francophone Room (one of the first Francophone rooms in Hanoi), the Francophone Library (sponsored by the French Embassy, housing approximately 1500 books and valuable documents related to various fields), the United Nations Hall (inaugurated by the UN Secretary-General during the 45th anniversary visit commemorating Vietnam's membership in the UN on October 22, 2022), as well as the study spaces and facilities of the Diplomatic Academy.

The documentary was filmed at the Francophone Room, the Francophone Library, the United Nations Hall, and the study spaces and facilities at the Diplomatic Academy.
Mr. Duong Thanh Binh - Deputy Director of the Office of Administration, Officer in charge of Francophone activities of Diplomatic Academy, answers an interview about the French language program at the Academy. (Photo: TV5MONDE)
Mrs. Pham Thi Thanh Huyen - Director of Department of Examination and Quality Assurance. (Photo: TV5MONDE)

The report was filmed in French language classes taught by French teachers at the Diplomatic Academy. Additionally, Francophone students had the opportunity to share their feelings and experiences about the environment at the Academy, discussing the strategic position and importance of French in their academic field and on the international stage.

Francophone students at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam respond to interviews. (Photo: TV5MONDE)

The Diplomatic Academy is one of the destinations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as part of the coverage of "Destination francophonie" by TV5MONDE, showcasing the importance of the French language globally, especially the strong development of the French-speaking community in Vietnam and the role of universities in French language education today./.

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