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Workshop "Internal Communication Management"

13:38 22/05/2024

In the afternoon of 15/05, at the Diplomatic Academy, there was a seminar on "Internal Communication Management" organized by the Faculty of Communication & Foreign Culture to help students see the potential of the Internal Communication profession and sustainable ways of doing the profession from the perspective of gradually expanding from the story of a student starting a career in AI to the sharing of long-time experts in the field and educators. 

The seminar included the participation of experts and speakers with leading experience in the field of Internal communication, such as Expert Pham Quang Tho, Expert Duong Thi Kieu Oanh, and Ms. Ma Nhat Anh, and the participation of more than 200 students of the Faculty of Communication & Culture for Foreign Affairs at the Diplomatic Academy.

Expert Pham Quang Tho - Director of TTNB & Internal Events, with 20 years working at large units such as FPT, MSB,...
Expert Duong Thi Kieu Oanh - TTNB expert at MSB, has 10 years of experience working in the field of Communication and in training many young TTNB staff
Ms. Ma Nhat Anh - Excellent graduate of the Faculty of Information and Technology - HVNG, Master of Journalism in the UK, TTNB Specialist at VNPAY.

At the beginning of the sharing session, based on personal experiences, the three speakers shared extremely interesting stories about the destiny of the profession called "Internal Communication". Expert Pham Quang Tho also shared that "This is a very new profession, but the potential is huge, especially for those who major in communication.". From there, the speakers also reminded us that the most important thing for you is to learn and improve your experience, companies or start-ups are always ready to wait for you to graduate to work in this field.

Expert Pham Quang Tho is extremely excited to share his valuable experiences in the process of working

Following the seminar, the speakers shared more deeply about the definition of "Internal communication - How to understand correctly" and answered students' questions about distinguishing between internal communication and event organization, corporate culture, in-house PR, and human resource management activities. Experienced speakers brought insightful and easy-to-understand sharing, helping students have a comprehensive view of the Internal Communication profession. Not only that, the speakers also revealed the potential and development roadmap for this new industry.

Ms. Ma Nhat Anh shares her knowledge of Internal Communication in the world
Expert Duong Thi Kieu Oanh shared about the development roadmap as well as attractive training opportunities for students with the subject "Internal communication management."

During the seminar, three speakers shared, listened, and directly answered questions from students of the Diplomatic Academy to provide insightful sharing and useful advice. At the end of the seminar, three speakers joined teachers and students of the academy to take souvenir photos.

Students participating in the seminar
Students participating in the seminar

Along with interesting questions and enthusiastic answers, the seminar "Internal Communication Management" took place in an intimate and open atmosphere. Thereby, students of the Academy have had answers to their questions and received a lot of valuable information, thereby partly preparing for their future career orientations.


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