Minister of Foreign Affairs Talks with Students and Young Diplomats

17:00 26/03/2022

On the afternoon of March 23rd, 2022, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam held a Ministerial Dialogue on "Building Young Diplomats: Courageous - Professional - Modern” in Geneva room for young diplomats 

The dialogue on “Building Young Diplomats: Courageous - Professional - Modern” between Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son and young diplomats 

The dialogue was joined by of MOFA leaders, representatives of the MOFA’s Party Committee, leaders of several departments, the Executive Committee of the MOFA Youth Union. Notably, there was participation of more than 500 students along with young diplomats from Vietnam and abroad via a hybrid form of face-to-face and virtual conferences. The program took place successfully in a solemn and open atmosphere, while ensuring the regulations on prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The dialogue is an importantly political event timely held in Youth month, continuing the fine tradition maintained by the MOFA over the periods, demonstrating the deep concerns of the MOFA leaders for the cause of training and fostering their successors, promoting the role of the young generations, moving towards building comprehensive and modern diplomacy, enhancing the pioneering role of foreign affairs, contributing to realizing the aspiration and development goals of the country in the new period.

The dialogue was held in a hybrid form of face-to-face and virtual conferences, connecting more than 130 domestic and overseas bridgeheads

At the dialogue, Minister Bui Thanh Son had a candid and sincere sharing about the  training process of a diplomat in the current period. Responding to a question from Mr. Nguyen Dong Anh, Secretary of the Youth Union of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, about maintaining the political bravery of today's young diplomats, the Minister said that the youth were the core in leading the diplomacy. The contribution of young cadres is extremely important to carry out the common tasks of the diplomatic service, to firmly protect the national interests as well as to serve the country and the people.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son

Diplomatic union members and youth therefore need to havecourage to contribute to the diplomatic construction. The young are also a core force participating in the international arena bearing rich creativity and intellect. With the view that "compassion is not constant but must be cultivated and trained", Minister Bui Thanh Son wishes young people to become tempered "steel" and forged through red fire.

In order to implement that, the Minister emphasized that "every young person needs to constantly improve and foster knowledge through reading books, and concurrently build for themselves a personal development plan to stay motivated." Each youth union member as well as young person themselves when making the determination to become a diplomat needs to identify their ideals and ambitions, keep the flame of enthusiasm to strive for their life goals. He also asserted: "Without enthusiasm and motivation people are obviously like a machine without fuel or energy for operation".

Sharing the model of "enthusiastic cadre", the Minister said that a cadre should always think and look for the best and most optimal solutions for his work to best protect the national and ethnic interests. No matter what job they do, in any field or position, the highest goal is to strive for the interests of the country and the nation.

Responding to a question from Mr. Ngo Ba Hoang Hai, an officer of the Vietnamese Embassy to the Russian Federation about ensuring professionalism and modernity in the process of foreign affairs, the Minister affirmed that the key to have a grasp of these skills are through sharing. The essence of Diplomacy is to create links between people, between nations and peoples. Only through sharing, listening and understanding with sincerity can we promote that relationship.

Mr. Ngo Ba Hoang Hai, an officer of the Vietnamese Embassy to the Russian Federation, raised a question to the Minister

Minister Bui Thanh Son also repeatedly emphasized the importance of digital transformation and enlisting young minds to grasp the most modern changes, catch up with global trends, and at the same time set requirements for preserving the bravery and unique style of Vietnamese diplomatic cadres.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Anh, an official of the Vietnamese Embassy to Bangladesh, shared about the difficulties faced by young diplomats today in the context of the epidemic, when he has to face a lot of pressure when rotating duties. The Minister expressed his sympathies with the difficulties faced by officials, at the same time emphasized that "pressure would create diamonds", overcoming challenges is reaching for more development and perfection, turning challenges into opportunities to practice and strive.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Anh, an official of the Vietnamese Embassy to Bangladesh shared the current difficulties of young cadres

The dialogue took place successfully with valuable sharing from Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son, along with a lot of useful information and knowledge for young people and young cadres, thereby serving good for current and future foreign affairs.

The Minister hoped to have more dialouges with meaningful and practical purposes to continue sharing valuable lessons, creating conditions for young people to have a healthy and rewarding learning and exchange environment.

At the end of the dialogue, the Minister commended the organization of the external meeting, saying that this is an opportunity to understand the thoughts and aspirations of young people; while emphasizing the responsibility and role of the young in the important development period of the country. In addition, Minister Bui Thanh Son also recognized the new contributions and creativity of young people to the national construction.

Some other photos from the dialogue:

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